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Jiangsu Sinamyang International Group Co., Ltd.

Jiangsu Sinamyang International Group CO.,LTD. which is sole invested by Singapore Sinamyang Group, is an agricultural high-tech enterprise integrating research, development, production and sales of pesticides, fertilizers, soil remediation agents and other products. We have a global operation team, and set up branches in Vietnam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Thailand, and Myanmar.

In 2017, the total international trade of Jiangsu Sinamyang and Singapore Sinamyang exceeded $ 70 million. Since 2013, the export volume of pesticide has been ranked among the top 30 in China's pesticide exports for several times. More than 300 pesticide registration certificates have been finished in Southeast Asian countries, and famous pesticide brands such as red lion and owl have been launched. At the same time, in China we have also obtained a number of new special fertilizer registration certificates, actively expand the brand influence, such as Sinasin, Maliujia, Drunken beauty, Fei yulu, Ran ran. Through the strength of the brand, we have won a place in the domestic and foreign markets.

Jiangsu Sinamyang International Group always pursues the enterprise purpose of "environment protection, green, health, harmony", takes the developing road of professionalization, internationalization, collectivization, and brand",and we’ve been striving to become a global provider of crops harvest solutions and leader of green agriculture science and technology .

With honest and faith, green Sinamyang must be all over the world. Developing green industry and creating international brand is our eternal pursuit.

Jiangsu Sinamyang International Group Co., Ltd.

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